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55. Not guilty but behind bars 3

The door to the jail cell slammed shut. The warden locked the door and went away. Joseph sat behind bars. Not guilty! He had done the right thing, and for that, he sat in jail. Can you understand that?

Joseph thought and thought.

(melody in the background while he thinks)

In his mind’s eye, he saw his brothers. Many years ago they had sold him as a slave to someone in Egypt. They hated him, just because God said that He would make Joseph into a great ruler.

In the land of the pyramids and Pharaohs, Potiphar bought him as a slave. Joseph did his work well. Pharaoh’s officer was amazed; never before had he owned such a good servant. Everything that Joseph did succeeded. Nothing ever went awry. Should I tell you the secret? God was with him and helped him.

Potiphar let him be in control of the house and all of the fields. Joseph was dependable and very handsome. Potiphar’s wife was smitten with him and wanted him to act like her husband.

Is that right? God’s law says: Do not commit adultery. The law still stands today as it did then. Joseph listened to God and didn’t let himself be talked into it.

One day Potiphar’s wife tried to tempt Joseph yet again.

What do you do when someone tempts you to do something bad? Be like Joseph: he ran away from the sin. This woman grabbed his robe and held on tightly, but Joseph slipped out of it and ran for his life. He chose to not sin with the wife of his boss. But she was upset and thought of a way to get back at Joseph.

When her husband came home from work, she told him that Joseph had come into her room and tried to have his way with her. When she had called out, he had run away and left his robe. That was her proof.

Potiphar believed her lies and got very angry with Joseph. He immediately threw him into prison.

But God was with Joseph in prison also, and that’s why this story is not yet finished. God still had plans for Joseph, even if he couldn’t see it right then.

In the next drama, the story of Joseph will continue.

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