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109. Who is the thief

The Smith family are eating lunch. Lisa and Felix just came home from school. Eveyone had a lot to tell. But their mother is so serious today. Suddenly she asked an uncomfortable question.

Mother: "It’s strange, but yesterday morning I still had over $25 in my wallet. Today I wanted to pay at the grocery store, but I couldn’t because the money was gone. Did one of you take it? Felix? Or you Lisa?"

Felix: "But Mama, we aren’t thieves."

Lisa: "Of course we didn’t take your money.”

Mother: "It’s odd, then I wonder where that money went."

After they had cleared the table, Felix and Lisa went to do their homework. But Lisa had a bad conscience. She even felt very sick, because she was the one who had taken the money from her mother’s wallet.

Lisa: "If only I hadn’t stolen that money. But why didn’t Mama give me any money for new earrings? Actually, I didn’t really steal. I just borrowed it. I’ll give it back to her someday."

But these thoughts did not ease her conscience.

Recently in the children’s hour they had talked about stealing. Stealing is a sin the Bible says. And sin is like a wall. It separates. Lisa could feel it very clearly. Ever since she took the money, a wall stood between her and her mother. And it stood between her and Jesus as well.

Lisa couldn’t make excuses any more. And the fact that she had also lied at lunchtime made it all even worse. There was no joy in her heart that whole day. And she wasn’t even happy about the earrings that she had hidden under her mattress. When she went to bed that night, she began to cry.

Mother: "Lisa, what’s the matter?"

Lisa: "I was the one who stole your money. And now, you certainly don’t love me anymore."

Mother: "It wasn’t right of you to do that. But it’s right that you found the courage to tell me about it. I forgive you. You can pay back the $25 from your allowance. Do you also want to ask Jesus to forgive you?"

Lisa: "Yes. Lord Jesus, I’m sorry that I stole the money. Please forgive me. Thank You for loving me."

A huge burden fell from Lisa’s shoulders. She was happy again. And best of all: Mama and the Lord Jesus still love her.

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