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108. Bela’s Bible

The gypsy’s wagon jolted over the country road. Children waved.

Bela: "Dad, I’d like to work for a farmer."

Father: "You’d get bored very quickly."

Mother: "Bela and work? How funny is that!"

It frustrated Bela that his parents didn’t have confidence in him as far as work was concerned. In the next town he jumped down from the wagon and ran away.

He liked the farm house with the flowers in the windows. (sound of knocking)

Farmer: "Hallo. Who are you?"

Bela: "My name is Bela and I’d like to work for you."

Farmer: "You’re just in time to help harvest the potatoes. But first, you need to eat something. Come on in."

The smells in the kitchen reminded Bela that he was as hungry as a bear.

Farmer: "We pray before we eat. 'Every good gift and all that we have come from You, o God. We thank You for it all. Amen'."

Praying and reading in the Bible were so new to Bela.

But he liked to be with the friendly farmer. Even the work was fun for him, although his back hurt him at the end of the day. A week passed. (sound of dogs barking)

Bela: "Nero, what’s the matter? Do you want to play ball with me?"

Outside, Nero perked up his ears. Bela listened as well. (sound of a violin playing)

Bela: "Nero, someone is playing the violin. It must be my parents. They’re sitting at the fire, roasting a hedgehog and singing songs. All of a sudden, I’m terribly homesick. Do you understand that?"

Bela peered in the kitchen, but no one was there. He took the Bible that was lying on the table and disappeared into the night.

Father: "Bela, there you are. Did you bring something for us?"

Bela: "I brought this book along."

Mother: "Grigor can read."

Grigor: "Hey, look, it‘s a holy book. It says: The New Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Mother: "It’s a good book. Read to us!"

Grigor: "A man came to Jesus and asked: What must I do to be saved? Jesus answered him: Keep God’s commands. Do not steal."

Father: "Do not steal?"

Guiltily, the gypsies looked at each other, for each one of them had stolen something before. Bela had even stolen the Bible. But that very evening, he took it back.

Farmer: "Bela, this is a surprise. You took our Bible? Well, I’m giving it to you."

Bela: "Really, I get to keep it?"

Bela was happy. Through the Bible, the gypsies learned to know and trust Jesus.

People: Narrator, Bela, father, mother, Grigor, farmer

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