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91. Who is the thief 3

Ringu and Battu watched with interest as the white foreigner attached the cable from a box to the jeep.

Then a white wall was set up. Everything was a first for the people in the small Indian village. They had never seen a movie before.

Sahib Grubb: "God loves all of you. He sent His only Son into the world. His name is Jesus. He became a man just like we are, but without sin. God hates sin and punishes it with death. But Jesus took this punishment freely on Himself and died on the cross in our place. God then raised Him from the dead. Believe in Jesus. Then you will be saved and will have a home in heaven."

The movie was over. Pandu played a song on the small organ, and whoever wanted to talk with Sahib Grubb stayed.

Ringu: "Sahib, how long are you going to be with us? I want to hear a lot more about your God."

Sahib Grubb: "We’ll drive to the next village tomorrow. But we’ll see each other again for sure."

Ringu and Battu had to go home. But the organ by the jeep… would anyone see them? Quick as lightening, they picked up the box and disappeared with the instrument in the darkness. They chose the old shed as their hiding place.

The night was very stressful for them. Not just because of their bad consciences, but because they should have been guarding the fields from the hyenas.

The moon shone brightly.

Ringu: "Battu, something is moving over there. A tiger. It was surely a tiger. I saw his eyes gleam."

Battu: "Did you dream it?"

Ringu: "No! I saw him for real."

The next morning the village talked about the horrible news.

Man: "It was a tiger. A man-eating tiger."

Woman: "What? When? Where?"

Man: "In the next village a man was attacked by a tiger."

Ringu: "We also saw the tiger."

What a commotion! Until an old hunter mentioned his good idea.

Hunter: "The best thing to do is to kill a bull and put his corpse by the drinking pond tonight. We’ll sit in the big tree with our weapons and watch. The tiger will be attracted because of the bull’s blood. And when he comes and begins to eat the bull, we’ll shoot him."

Man: "Ringu, will you come along? We need you."

He was proud to be chosen to hunt with them. But he was afraid as well. Hunting a tiger is very dangerous. It would be terrible if…

You can come along on the hunt in the next drama.

People: Narrator, Sahib Grubb, Ringu, Battu, hunter, man, woman

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