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90. The angry teacher 2

Battu: "Hurry, Ringu, hurry! You can do it!"

Ringu’s foot hurt him terribly. But he desperately wanted to win the bull race. He held the reins tighter, ran faster, and passed some of the other carts. Shortly before the finish line, he was in first place.

Battu: "He won! Ringu won the race!"

Battu jumped for joy. And his father was proud of his son.

Ringu beamed as garlands were placed around his bulls’ necks. He endured the pain with courage. But at home his foot got worse. And it throbbed with pain. Ringu had a headache and fever.

Mother: "Lie down on the porch, Ringu. Look, the white foreigner and Pandu are coming into our village."

Ringu: "I know him. He always talks about a good God who sent His son into the world."

Sahib Grubb: "Hello, we’re going to show some pictures at the well. You’re invited. Will you come?"

Mother: "I’m sorry, but we can’t. Our son is very sick. The witch doctor couldn’t help him. Can you help us?"

Many people watched as the foreigner examined Ringu’s foot.

Sahib Grubb: "Yes, I can help. I only need a bowl full of hot water. And then I’ll pour some of this powder into it, and it will dissolve. And the temperature is right. Ringu, put your foot into the water. The medicine will heal your foot."

Ringu: "All the way in?"

Sahib Grubb: "Of course. Don’t be afraid. I’m going to pray for you: Lord Jesus, You can do everything. Please heal Ringu’s foot and protect this house. Amen."

The treatment and the prayer did help. Soon, Ringu went back to school. He brought the paper that the missionary, Sahib Grubb, gave to him. His teacher didn’t like this at all.

Teacher: "What nonsense. This paper tells about the God of the Christians. We Indians don’t believe that. Don’t even take a paper like this from anyone again. Do you understand?"

He wadded up the paper in his hand and threw it in the corner. But Ringu was smart. That day he was the last one to leave the school, and you can surely guess what he hid in his turban.

Ringu: "Battu, if I could only hear more about the God of the Christians."

Battu: "Have you forgotten what our teacher said? If you don’t listen to him, then the evil spirits are going to eat you."

Ringu: "They didn’t eat Sahib. I’m keeping this paper."

Battu: "I’m afraid."

After this, guests came to the small Indian village.

I’ll tell you all about it in the next drama.

People: Narrator, Ringu, Battu, mother, Sahib Grubb, teacher

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