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89. Ringu at the bull race 1

In a small village in India Ringu harnessed the bulls. Then his parents climbed onto the cart.

Ringu: "Battu, climb up, we’re leaving."

Battu: "Hurrah, we’re going to the bazaar."

Ringu: "And then we’ll celebrate the great Feast of the Bulls."

Battu: "Ringu, I’m excited to see if you’ll win the bull race."

Ringu was very nervous as he sat at the front so as to steer the bulls. The road led through the jungle. Some said that tigers lived there and even evil spirits hid there.

Batu: "Drive faster, Ringu, faster."

Ringu: "I wonder if we’ll see any foreigners? You know, the tall one with the white skin. The one who always talks about a good God."

There was a lot of hustle-bustle in the city. As they drove in, Ringu was the first to jump out off of the cart.

Ringu: "Ouch! Ouch! My foot!"

A long thorn stuck in his heel. He grit his teeth and pulled out the thorn. Then he hobbled along behind his parents. His father shopped and Ringu secretly stole a banana. He knew perfectly well that this was not right, but he thought, others steal too.

They heard beautiful music. Ringu wanted to run to it but ran right into a man. The man dropped all the papers he was holding. It was the foreigner. Ringu tried to run away, but he was held back.

Missionary: "Wait a minute, my friend, I want to give you this paper. It’s a letter from God. You can read about His love for you in it."

Ringu grabbed the paper and put it in his turban.

The music stopped and the Indian who was playing the organ stood up.

Pandu: "My name is Pandu. I used to sacrifice to the evil spirits, and I worshiped the bulls. But I now know the living God and serve Him. He is the one true God."

Ringu thought about these words. The next morning loud drums woke him.

Fearfully he observed his red, swollen foot. His father called the witch doctor. Ringu trembled as he came towards him. He sprinkled pepper in the wound and blew in his ears. Ringu cried out.

Ringu: "Ouch! Ouch!"

How are pepper and blowing going to help? The race began. Ringu had terrible pains. But he took the reins in his hands and tried to laugh.

(sound of a gun shot)

The bulls started running. The audience cheered them on. Ringu cried again because of the pain and ran behind the cart. He stumbled and then…?

The next drama will tell you what happened then.

People: Narrator, Ringu, Battu, missionary, Pandu

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