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88. The big contest question

Contest question: Who is the wisest?

Girl: "That would be Stefan, the teacher’s pet."

Boy: "I think that Dirk’s brain works like a computer."

Girl: "Oh him. He thinks he’s smart, but otherwise?"

Can you think of anyone else?

Boy: "The professor at the university."

Girl: "Or someone so smart that he discovered something."

Boy: "For example, Einstein or Pythagoras."

My question is still not answered.

Do you know who the wisest person is?

Listen to what the Bible says about it.

Who does Jesus think is wise? Pay good attention, for you have the chance to become the wisest person.

Jesus: "Every one who hears My words and does them is a wise person. He is like a man who built his house on a rock. That means that he first laid a good foundation, though it couldn’t be seen later. His house stood firm on solid ground. When a storm came and flooded the land, and the winds blew and torrents of rain fell, his house stood firm. It didn’t fall because it had such a good foundation.

But every one who hears My words and does not do them is foolish. He is like a man who built his house on the sand. When a storm came and the winds blew, the house fell apart. The house collapsed and the damage was great."

The people who heard Jesus speak were impressed. Not a title nor badge nor great words are the signs of a wise person. Then what is?

There is a way you can recognize if someone is really wise or not.

If you have a Bible, please read Matthew chapter 7, verse 24.

Matthew chapter 7, verse 24 tells you the answer to this contest in two words. Who is wise?

Contact me with your answer. Will you participate?

And then think about if you are one of the ones who Jesus describes as wise.

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