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87. I don’t want to live anymore

Grades were passed out at school. Sandra was radiant. She could hardly wait to show her parents her good grades. With Kyle it was different. He slowly packed his backpack at the end of the school day.

Ben: "Hey Kyle, are we going to bike to the ravine this afternoon?"

Kyle: "Nah, not today."

Ben: "Stop dawdling. Do you want to spend the night at the school?"

Kyle: "Go by yourself. I don’t want to go home. A 'D' in math. An 'F' in German. If my dad sees this, he’s going to kill me. I’d rather kill myself. I don’t want to live anymore. I’m an idiot and no one likes idiots."

Ben: "Stop talking such nonsense. Your dad loves you a lot. He buys you lots of great gifts."

Kyle: "My dad? He only loves himself and his career. Everything else is unimportant to him."

Ben: "My dad isn’t always such a great guy. He only notices that I’m there when I do something wrong. Then he scolds like crazy. It really hurts me. There have been times when I haven’t wanted to live either."

Kyle: "How do you feel about it today?"

Ben: "Today I know that Jesus exists. He loves me, even when I fail. I can always go to Him even without a perfect record. He is my friend. And though I can’t see Him, I know that He’s always with me. I don’t have to be strong; I can even cry in His presence. That does me good, I’ll tell you that."

Kyle: "Good for you! If I could only believe that, too."

Ben: "Let’s ride to the ravine and talk. Should I go with you to your house? Perhaps your dad won’t be so mad if someone else is around."

Kyle: "That’s a good idea. You’re a good buddy."

Ben: "And after the vacation is over, we could do homework together sometimes."

That was great of Ben to go with his friend. But Kyle was nervous nonetheless. Then a miracle happened: his dad didn’t get upset when he saw Kyle’s grades. He even admitted that he didn’t get very good grades when he was in school.

It can be difficult when parents expect a perfect performance.

But Jesus is so different. He accepts you just as you are. He loves you with your strengths and weaknesses. He knows that you can do a lot of things well, and He knows those things that are difficult for you. He wants to help you. So be courageous and trust Him. You won’t automatically be the best in your class when you know Jesus, but He will help you do your best. He can give you discipline and joy in learning.

Have courage and trust in Him. You can do more than you think with Jesus’ help!

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