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86. Prayer is forbidden 4

The governors of the king wanted to do away with Daniel.

1st governor: "Have you heard the latest gossip?"

2nd governor: "Of course! Daniel is to be the second most powerful man in the whole kingdom. We have to find a reason to bring him down."

1st governor: "That won’t be so easy to do."

2nd governor: "What about something with his religion? He prays three times a day to his God. We could draft a new law against it, bring it to the king and…"

Whatever for? Daniel hadn’t ever done anything to these men. God brought him to one of the highest positions in the land. And this is what aggravated the others; they were jealous.

1st governor: "Now, quickly go to the king. He still has to sign the new law."

2nd governor: "King Darius, all of the princes thought that you, o king, should sign a new law, namely: anyone who makes a petition to any man or god other than you in the next 30 days should be cast into the lions’ den. Let this law be made public, and no one can change it."

The king didn’t see through their evil plan and signed the new law. But in Daniel’s life, God always had first place, so for him, this law didn’t change anything! He continued to pray and his enemies observed him doing it.

1st governor: "King Darius, you just signed a new law that forbids anyone to petition anything from man or God."

King: "Yes, that’s true."

2nd governor: "Daniel still prays three times a day to his God. We saw him doing it. He should be food for the lions as a result."

King: "Daniel?"

The King loved Daniel and wanted to protect him. But the law was the law.

King: "Daniel, may your God help you."

And then they threw Daniel into the lions’ den.

The king didn’t sleep at all that night. The next morning, he hurried to the lions’ den.

King: "Daniel, did your God protect you?"

Daniel: "O king may you live forever. My God sent an angel who shut the lions’ mouth so they couldn’t hurt me."

The king was so happy to hear that Daniel was still alive and ordered him to be taken out of the den. Daniel had neither scratches nor injuries. A miracle from God!

Daniel was honored but his enemies were thrown into the lions’ den.

King: "In my whole kingdom all men are to honor the God of Daniel. He is the living God who saves and helps."

Daniel’s faith had great consequences.

The living God will also reward your faith and trust in Him.

People: Narrator, two governors, King, Daniel

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