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85. The miracle in the fiery furnace 3

The great statue was finished. Nine feet wide and 100 feet tall. No one could miss it!

King’s messenger: "Listen up! The King’s command is for all. When you hear the music playing, then you are to fall down and worship the golden image that King Nebuchadnezzar has set up. But whoever does not fall down and worship it will be thrown into the midst of a blazing fiery furnace."

No question: Everyone would come to the dedication. Silently, three men stood on the side. They weren’t thrilled about this invitation. Many years ago, they were captured and taken from their home in Israel. They had lost their home, but they hadn’t lost their faith in God.

And they knew that the king’s command went too far. Worship an idol - never!

(sound of music) Everyone bowed down and worshiped the statue.

Except for the three friends. This attracted attention.

Accuser: "King, you commanded that everyone should worship the golden statue. Three Jews are not obeying you."

King: "What? They aren’t obeying my command? Bring them to me immediately."

(Daniel’s friends were brought to the king)

King: "Is it true that you won’t bow down to the golden image? I’ll give you one more chance. If you still refuse, you’ll be thrown immediately into the fiery furnace. Don’t think for a moment that your God can save you then."

What would be more important to you in this moment? Your life or being faithful to God? The three friends didn’t have to think long about their answer.

Daniel’s friend: "If our God wanted to, He could indeed save us out of the fiery furnace. But even if He won’t, we will remain faithful to Him. We will never bow down to an idol."

These men loved God more than anything. Nebuchadnezzar became furious.

King: "Heat the furnace seven times hotter and throw them into the fire."

They were then thrown into the fiery furnace. It was so hot that the soldiers who threw them in were slain by the heat.

The King stared into the fire.

King: "I see four men walking around in the fire. One of them has the appearance of a God."

The King opened the furnace door.

King: "Come out, you servants of the Most Almighty God!"

Without being burned the men came out. No hair was singed, nor was there any smell of fire on their clothes. God indeed saved them out of the fire.

Do you know this God who can do such miracles? Remain faithful to Him, always and everywhere.

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