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84. The mysterious dream 2

King Nebuchadnezzar couldn’t sleep at all. Anxiously he rolled from side to side. Then he called one of his servants. (sound of a bell)

Servant: "O king may you live forever. What can I do for you?"

King: "Call together my advisors and magicians immediately."

(sound of many voices, people walking, then quiet)

King: "I had a dream that troubles me greatly. Tell me what the dream means."

Magicians: "Tell the dream to your servants and then we’ll tell you what it means."

King: "No, you have to tell me the dream. I command you! If you make the dream known to me, I will reward you. If you don’t, then I will kill you."

Magicians: "Let the king tell his dream to his servants, and then we can tell you what it means."

King: "A lame excuse. You only want to bargain for time."

Magicians: "We can interpret dreams, but there is not a man on earth who can tell you what your dream was. What you’re asking is impossible."

The king became furious: "I’m going to have you all slain!"

Even Daniel and his friends were affected by this. But Daniel wasn’t afraid. When he heard the reason for this awful decree, he went into his house and told his friends.

Daniel: "We have to pray. Our God knows everything. He can tell me the mysterious dream."

God was the only one who could help. And He did. In the night, God revealed the dream to Daniel.

Daniel: "You are a wonderful God. Thank You! You know all things. And you answered our prayers."

Daniel asked to be taken to the King.

King: "Can you really tell me my dream?"

Daniel: "No man can do what the King demands. But the living God can reveal all mysteries. He told you in your dream what will happen in the future. The king dreamed about a great statue. It’s appearance was awesome. The head was made of pure gold. This represents your kingdom. It is the greatest and strongest of them all. But the kingdoms that will come after you will get smaller and smaller. Finally, the kingdom will be divided. But at the same time, God will build His kingdom. God’s kingdom will remain forever. It is eternal. Your dream is true."

King: "Your God is the King of Kings!"

The King was impressed with the interpretation of the dream. He made Daniel very rich and showered gifts on him.

And what he did next can be heard in the next drama.

People: Narrator, Nebuchadnezzar, magicians, Daniel, servant

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