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92. A man-eating tiger 4

Sahib Grubb: "Ringu, what’s wrong? Why are you so nervous?"

Ringu: "Sahib, we’re going to hunt a tiger. A man-eating tiger is slinking around our village."

Sahib Grubb: "And you’re going along?"

Ringu: "Yes! But what will happen if he attacks me or the evil spirits come?"

Sahib Grubb: "There is Someone who will protect you. He is strong and can do everything. He is also much stronger than the evil spirits. Jesus! In the Bible it says that He came to free us from the power of the evil spirits."

Ringu: "Is Jesus really stronger than they are?"

Sahib Grubb: "Yes, much stronger."

Ringu: "I want to believe in Him, just like you do."

It was so clear to Ringu that he needed Jesus. He prayed and invited Him into his life. He spoke with the invisible God and was very, very sure that Jesus heard him.

Sahib Grubb: "Ringu, you can always talk with Jesus and ask Him to help you, even with the tiger hunt."

A few hours later it was time to leave. The men took their weapons and Ringu the flashlight. Quietly they climbed the old tree by the drinking pond. They were tense as they looked over the area. Ringu prayed silently.

Ringu: "Lord Jesus, please help us to kill the tiger without him killing any more people. Do you see that? Something is moving over there."

Ringu clutched the arm of his father. He could hardly breathe. The tiger snuck up to the dead bull which the men had laid there as a trap and attacked it with hunger. The tiger looked up and then it happened so fast. (sound of a gun shot)

Father: "How awful! I missed him!"

Man: "Be careful! He’s coming! He’s going to jump at us!"

Father: "Ringu, shine the light in his eyes. Blind him with it!"

Ringu: "Help, the flashlight is too weak. Lord Jesus, what should I do?"

With all his strength Ringu hurled the flashlight to the ground. The tiger sprang to the light. A shot sounded.

The tiger jumped one more time in the air and then rolled back and forth in the tall grass, wounded. Ringu’s father loaded his gun, pulled the trigger (sound of a gun shot), and the dangerous animal lay dead on the ground.

Everyone breathed more easily, and Ringu prayed silently.

Ringu: "God, I thank you so very much. You helped us!"

God doesn’t abandon anyone. What have you experienced with Him?

You could write me and tell me about how He answered your prayer.

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