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93. The Kurku-Promise 5

Overjoyed, Ringu ran back to the village.

Ringu: "The tiger is dead! The tiger is dead! We killed him!"

Battu was proud of his big brother.

Battu: "You’re amazing. Were you afraid while hunting the tiger?"

Ringu: "Very much. But I prayed and then my heart didn’t beat so fast."

(sound of a motor)

Ringu: "That’s surely Sahib Grubb, the white foreigner, the one who told me about Jesus."

Battu: "Come, let’s run to him."

The two Indian boys disappeared around the next corner and then they saw the mess. The missionary’s jeep was stuck deep in the mud. Ringu had to harness the bulls so that they could pull the jeep out of the mire.

Sahib Grubb: "That’s done. Ringu, thanks a lot for your help. I have to say good-bye to you today. We won’t see each other for a long time. Always remember that the Lord Jesus is always with you. Stay true to Him and always do what pleases Him. Sin doesn’t make you happy. Do you still have the letter from God?"

Ringu: "Yes, I keep it here in my turban."

Sahib Grubb: "Keep God’s word in your heart. You can depend on it. Oh, by the way, my organ is gone."

Ringu turned red from ear to ear. He was the thief. He had hidden the instrument in the old shed. Did Sahib know this?

Sahib Grubb: "I don’t have any time to look for it. Could you do that for me? If you find it, please bring it to Mrs. Merry in the city. She always knows where I’m preaching and will bring it to me."

Ringu crossed his arms slowly and pulled on his earlobes. This is how an Indian makes a promise. A real Kurku-Promise.

Distressed, he went home.

Ringu: "Why didn’t I say that I was the thief? I’m a coward. Lord Jesus, can you still hear me? I stole something. I’m sorry. Please forgive me my sin and help me to do what’s right."

What’s the right thing to do in this case? Ringu knew immediately. He had to give back what he dad stolen. But it’s hard. What would the others think of him? He heard a small voice in his heart. It said to him: Take the organ back, and make it right again.

Do you know this voice, too? Do you know how to make amends after stealing something? The answer will be in the next drama.

People: Narrator, Ringu, Battu, Sahib Grubb

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