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121. Tracks in the snow 5

Annette read a book. But she couldn‘t concentrate at all.

Annette: "Grandma, I’m going to bed. Good night."

But she didn’t go to her room; instead she went outside and walked through the deep snow. She was already far from the house when she slipped and sprained her foot so badly that she couldn’t walk anymore.

Annette (crying): "What should I do now? I’ll be frozen by the time someone finds me."

She sat down in the snow and cried. The stars shone in the sky. Annette looked up. Would God bail her out, although she had been so mean to Lukas?

Then she heard the gliding of skis.

Annette: "Help! Help! Lukas, is it you? Please help me. I sprained my foot."

Lukas: "I’ll get a sled. Here, take my jacket till I get back."

When she was alone again, she prayed with all her heart.

Annette: "Dear Lord Jesus, I am sinful and need You. Please forgive me of all my sin. I want to be Your child - and not just because I’m I trouble right now. Amen."

Lukas came back with a sled and blankets.

Annette: "Lukas, I have to tell you something. I was the one who ruined your pony. Jesus has forgiven me. Please forgive me also. I don’t hate you anymore."

Lukas: "I thought it was you. Thanks for telling me. I forgive you."

Annette was safe at home, and Lukas prayed next door.

Lukas: "Lord Jesus, please give me an idea as to how I can prove to Annette that I’m sorry about Danny’s accident."

Then he remembered the doctor in town. Could he make Danny‘s leg whole again? In the middle of the night, and in the middle of a snow storm, Lukas risked skiing down to the town. Exhausted, he arrived safely, though it was a dangerous thing to do. But his action was worth it. The doctor wanted to help. Danny had to stay at the hospital for a long time, but when he came home, there was so much joy. He could walk again! Lukas was invited to come over. He was radiant when he saw Danny walking without crutches.

Doctor: "Danny, you need to thank Lukas. He risked his life when he came to see me."

Lukas: "I didn’t do it alone. Jesus gave me the idea, and He helped me to carry it out."

And his old friend in the mountains paid for everything. But that remained Lukas’ secret.

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