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122. Peter in danger of death

The lights had been out for a long time, but a light still burned in Mary’s house. She had guests. The reason was a sad one: Peter was in prison. He had spoken about Jesus, and in King Herod’s mind, this was a terrible crime. Would this be Peter’s last night alive? His friends didn’t give up hope, for God can do miracles. Day and night they prayed…

Woman: "Lord Jesus, please don’t let Peter die."

Man: "You can do miracles. We trust in You."

And Peter? Would you like to have a look in the prison? The Bible is like a window through which we can see how people lived with Jesus so long ago.

Boy: "Peter is asleep! How can he sleep the night before his execution?"

Girl: "He’s chained to two guards."

Boy: "And two more are standing at the door."

Peter’s life was in danger, and his friends prayed constantly for him. But they couldn’t have imagined what would happen that night in his prison cell.

All of a sudden it was so bright. An angel suddenly stood beside Peter.

Angel: "Peter, stand up. Put on your sandals. Take your coat and come with me."

Peter walked behind the angel as if in a dream. No chain held him, no guard noticed his movement. The huge iron prison gate was opened by an unseen hand. Then the angel disappeared. God can do miracles!

Peter: "I’m free! God sent an angel to save me from Herod."

Peter ran to Mary’s house. (sound of knocking)

Rhoda: "Who is it?"

Peter: "It‘s Peter."

Rhoda was so overjoyed at his voice that she forgot to open the door. She ran to the others.

Rhoda: "Peter is standing at the door!"

Man: "You’re crazy. That‘s impossible."

Rhoda: "Really! I recognized his voice." (sound of knocking)

Peter: "Open up!"

Man: "It’s truly him. God did a miracle!"

(sound of the door being unlocked)

Woman: "Peter, how did you get out of jail?"

Peter told his friends everything.

God can do miracles and answer prayer in such a way that amazes us.

Still today He does big and small miracles. Trust in Him!

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