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170. Halloween - without me 2

Jane: "I thought that Halloween was a brilliant celebration and that the scary stuff is fun. But when I realized that Satan is worshiped, I left it alone."

Jane isn’t the only one who doesn’t participate in Halloween anymore.

Karl: "I’m staying away from Frankenstein pizza and ghost punch. Spider blood soup, yuck. It makes me sick."

Girl: "In English class we talked only about Halloween. My father told the teacher that it has an occult background. That means, unseen powers are present. Then I was free to leave the class."

And why does Ralph have no desire to celebrate Halloween?

Ralph: "I believe in God and would rather do what He says."

Read these verses from your Bible from Deuteronomy 18, verse 9:

Ralph: "Do not imitate the detestable ways of the nations!"

God is love! He warns us because He loves us. His commands are good. Whoever listens to Him won’t fall into Satan’s trap.

Betty: "I didn’t know that the devil was behind Halloween. But I read about that in a flyer. It totally shocked me. Now I warn everyone about it. And I read the flyer out loud in school. My teacher allowed me to do so. I believe that I’m not the only one who is just learning about this. But I say it now, too: Halloween – without me! I hope that many others will soon say the same thing. If I had known earlier that Halloween is a celebration of Satan, then I would never have been part of it."

Maybe you didn’t know this either and took part. Are you sorry about it? Don’t be afraid. Jesus is the victor! Pray to Him, He hears you. For example, say:

Boy: "Lord Jesus, thank You for loving me. Please forgive me for taking part in Halloween. I won’t do it anymore. Now I want to live for You and read Your Word, the Bible. I believe in You. Thank You for dying for my sin. Amen!"

Jesus answers these kinds of prayers right away. He forgives you because He loves you. And when you let Him into your life, He is always with you. He will protect you.

Do what Betty did: Tell the others who is behind Halloween. Perhaps they’ll also believe in Jesus and will say: Halloween – without me!

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