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157. Esther risks her life 2

Haman was not only a mean kind of guy, he was also very proud. The great Persian King Ahasuerus appointed him as the second most powerful man in the kingdom. Everyone bowed before him and honored him. But not Mordecai, the step-father of Queen Esther. He never bowed before him. Haman seethed with anger.

Haman: "You’re refusing to obey an order! Why don’t you bow before me?"

Mordecai: "Because I am a Jew and I only bow before God."

Haman: "You’ll be sorry for this!"

Haman was deeply insulted. And in his heart a diabolical plan developed.

Haman: "I’m going to kill him. And not only him, but every Jew who lives in the 127 provinces of Persia. I’m going to exterminate them."

Haman talked badly about the Jews to the King, and he won the King over to his diabolical plan with lots of bribes. Then he could do what he wanted.

Haman sent messengers on his fastest horses; they carried sealed letters to every city. Everywhere his terrible order was declared.

Messenger: "By order of the King. On December 13th, every Jew, men, women and children, should be killed. Don’t leave anyone alive! Exterminate everyone and take all their belongings!"

This order caused much fear and terror. The Jews put on mourning clothes. They cried and called out to God.

Mordecai sent an urgent plea to the palace. For now only one person could help, his step-daughter, Queen Esther.

Mordecai: "Esther, you must go to the King! Plead with him to let us live."

Esther: "I can’t do that. No one is allowed to go to the King unless he’s summoned. If I go anyway, I could die."

Mordecai: "Don’t be silent! Perhaps this is the reason that you are now Queen – in order to save us."

Esther: "Pray for me. I’ll go to the King. If I must perish, I will perish!"

Just like Esther, Jesus also put His life on the line. He was ready to die so that we could be saved and have eternal life.

Esther put on her most beautiful clothes. With a beating heart she approached the throne room. The King saw her coming. Would he accept her or…

I’ll tell you in the next drama.

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