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156. Esther star of the East 1

Girl: "Do you know me? My name is Hadassah I live in Persia. But I’m a foreigner here. My parents are dead. I can’t even remember them anymore. Mordecai, a relative, took me in. He is a good step-father. We live in the great city of Susa. Here everyone calls me Esther. My Persian name means 'star of the east'."

The unknown, pretty and smart orphan had no idea that she would one day shine like a bright star and would become very well-known.

Esther became queen. Her story is told in the Bible.

The mighty King Ahasuerus chose her. Of all the young girls, he liked her the best. He put the crown on her head and threw a great party.

On that day he collected no taxes in the whole kingdom and passed out gifts instead.

It was no coincidence that Esther became queen at that point in time. I’m sure that God influenced King Ahasuerus‘ choice.

Esther believed in the Ruler of the whole world, who directed the King’s heart in this matter.

Esther carried a secret with her to the palace. No one knew that she was a Jewess. Her step-father advised her to tell no one. She listened to him and kept quiet about it.

Mordecai also worked for the King. One day he was a witness to a conspiracy by two of the King’s servants against the King. They planned to kill him.

Mordecai told Queen Esther about it and she reported it to the King right away.

This plot was exposed and the guilty men were punished immediately.

Ahasuerus told his secretary to write a report about it in the King’s diary, which he did.

Not long afterwards, a mean kind of guy appeared in the palace.

The proud and conceited Haman. He managed to get himself in the King’s good graces.

Haman was the second most powerful man in the whole Persian kingdom.

He was a man with a plan of the devil in his heart.

You’ll hear more about this in the next drama.

People: Narrator, child (female)

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