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155. Hands off 3

Do you know what a fortune teller is?

Child: "It’s someone who is working for the devil, and that’s how she knows what will happen in the future."

What she tells is not totally false and she gets a point for trying.

Fortune tellers have been around for a long time.

When Paul went to Philippi with his friend, the Bible tells us that a woman ran after them and that she had the spirit of fortune telling. She cried out loud in the street.

Fortune teller: "These men are God’s servants. They’ll tell you how you can be saved."

Child: "But there it told the truth!"

True. But Paul was still aggravated about it. He didn’t need her advertisement.

Paul: "In the name of Jesus Christ: Depart from the woman!"

The fortune telling spirit left her immediately. Jesus is the victor! The devil trembles before Him. Although we can’t see him, the devil is busy with trying to keep people from believing in God. That’s why he offers a substitute: superstition.

It’s really true that whoever closes his heart’s door to Jesus opens it for superstition. We recognize this in the lucky charms that many carry on a necklace or bracelet.

We recognize this in the mascots that many hang in their car. The devils offers as a game swinging a pendulum back and forth to see the future or moving objects without touching them.

Child: "And if we do it just for fun?"

Martin thought this, too, when some kids in his school tried to talk to the spirits through moving glasses. But ever since then, he’s had deep fears and terrible dreams.

Do you know the inkwell experiment?

Poke one finger in an inkwell just for fun. And with another finger do it seriously.

Child: "Hey, both fingers are covered with blue ink!"

So, keep your hands off of the offers of the enemy. It doesn’t matter if it’s just for fun or serious, there are consequences that remain. For example, you won’t have any desire to read the Bible or to pray.

Child: "Do you read your horoscope?"


Child: "My mom doesn’t either. She said that God forbids it. He wants us to depend on Him alone."

And when you have Jesus, you don’t need anything else. He is the victor and helps us out of the traps of the enemy. He loves you and that’s why He will protect you!

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