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158. A reward for Mordechai 3

Queen Esther was very courageous. Without an invitation, she went to the Persian King. By doing this she risked her life. But she did it because she wanted to save her people, the Jews.

King Ahasuerus sat on his throne. He saw Esther coming. He held out his golden scepter toward her, which meant that she was welcome.

King: "Queen Esther, why have you come? What is your wish?"

Esther: "My King, please come with Haman to eat with me today."

King: "Servant, quickly get Haman. The Queen invited us to a meal."

Esther prepared a delicious meal for them.

King: "Queen Esther, do you still desire something? I would give you up to half my kingdom."

Esther: "Please, come again tomorrow to supper and bring Haman. Then I will tell you my wish."

The conniving Haman went home in a great mood and boasted.

Haman: "I am the highest official. I was invited by the Queen to eat a meal with the King. Only I! Tomorrow I’m invited again. But this one thing still makes me so mad: Mordecai does not bow down to me."

Wife: "Are you going to let him go? Hang him, this Jew!"

Esther didn’t see that Haman erected a gallows for her step-father. It was over 80 feet high. But God saw it. He rules! And this is why he gave King Ahasuerus a sleepless night.

King: "Servant, I can’t sleep. Bring my diary. Read aloud what happened recently."

The diary told about how Mordecai averted an assassination attempt against the King.

King: "What kind of reward did Mordecai receive for this?"

Servant: "None at all."

The next day Haman came to the palace. He wanted to get permission from the King to hang Mordecai.

King: "Haman, what should I give the man whom the King wants to thank?"

Haman was sure that the King wanted to reward him.

Haman: "He should get to wear the King’s robe and a crown and be put on one of the King’s horses and led through the city streets. A servant of the King should walk beside him and cry out: this is the man whom the King wants to honor."

King: "Haman, do this for Mordecai!"

Haman turned white.

In the next drama, you’ll hear how this Bible story continued.

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