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159. The biter will be bitten 4

Haman, that horrid man, almost passed out. He didn’t see it coming: He had to honor Mordecai in front of the whole nation, where he would rather have had him hung on the gallows with every other Jew who lived in Persia.

But he didn’t count on the living God to intervene, the God who loves and protects His people.

If Haman had only known what was coming. But he was too proud about being invited yet again to eat supper with the King. Queen Esther was ready for her guests. In the palace, no one knew that Esther was Mordecai’s step-daughter. And on this evening, King Ahasuerus wanted to fulfill her every wish.

King: "Queen Esther, do you have a wish? I would give you up to half of my kingdom."

Esther: "My King, please give me and my people, the Jews, our lives. Someone wants to kill and exterminate us."

King (upset): "Who is it? Where is this man?"

Esther: "This Haman is our worst enemy."

The King was overcome with anger. And Haman begged for his life. But to no avail. The servants covered his eyes and led him away. Haman died on the very gallows that he had built for Mordecai.

Girl: "Well, whoever digs a ditch for someone else will fall into it himself."

Haman wasn’t the first one who wanted to exterminate the Jews. And he won’t be the last. But God protects His people. He thwarted this evil plan.

For it was God’s plan to have Jesus, our Savior, be born as a Jew. And whatever God wills, will happen.

Even King Ahasuerus was in His hand.

King: "An order of the King: Every Jew in my kingdom has the right to defend himself."

The King’s messengers rode the fastest horses and took this new law to every province in the land. Haman, the Jews‘ worst enemy, made December 13th a day of death for all the Jews, but it became a day of joy because the Jews defeated their enemies.

They celebrated their victory on the 14th. The Jews gave each other gifts and shared their food with the poor.

Joy came out of sorrow. God chose and protected His people Israel.

He always has the last word.

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