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147. With God nothing is impossible 2

Impossible! Completely impossible! Abraham must have had this thought.

Why? He was old and his wife Sarah was, too. For a long time, God had promised them a son. But at the age of 89 having a baby, or at 99 becoming a father, well, that’s just impossible.

Had God forgotten about him?

Abraham sat at the entry to his tent. It was noon and very, very hot. Surprisingly, he had guests all of a sudden. Three men. Abraham bowed low before them. Did he guess that God Himself was one of these men?

Abraham: "My Lord, don’t travel any further. Stay here. I’ll get water and will wash your feet. Sit down in the shade. I’ll prepare a meal for you."

Man: "Do as you have said."

Abraham hurried with the preparations. Sarah baked bread cakes, the servant slaughtered a calf, and Abraham served a very good Bedouin meal that began with buttermilk and fresh milk.

Man: "Where is Sarah, your wife?"

Abraham: "She’s in the tent."

Man: "I tell you the truth. In one year, when I come back, Sarah will have a son."

(sound of laughter)

Sarah laughed. She had eavesdropped. Impossible, she thought. I am already so old.

Man: "Why did Sarah laugh and say that it’s impossible for her to have a child? Is anything too difficult for God? In one year, Sarah will have a son."

Is there anything impossible for God? God promised Abraham a son more than ten times. One time it was an exceptionally special situation.

God‘s voice: "Abraham, look up at the sky and count the stars. That’s how many offspring I’m going to give you."

Abraham couldn’t count the stars, but he trusted God. The great sky filled with so many stars showed him that God is even greater. Is anything impossible for Him? Never!

And imagine, when Abraham was 100 years old, he became a father and Sarah was a very happy mother at 90 years of age.

(sound of a baby laughing) They named the long-wished for son Isaac.

With God nothing is impossible. He is greater than you can imagine. Try to count the stars and then you’ll realize that God is so very big.

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