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2. The storm rages

Suddenly a strong storm arose (noises: storm, thunder, rain).

Waves lashed against the boat and tossed it to and fro.

The storm was violent. The crew held the oars more tightly. The men were afraid because they knew how dangerous such a storm was on the Sea of Galilee.

Again a wave crashed into the boat. The storm howled and the sea roared.

Could they be saved?

Some of the men on board were fishermen. They had experienced such weather already, but this hurricane was much worse than any other storm they had experienced.

Disciples: "Help! We’re going under!"

While they were fighting for their lives, Jesus lay in the back of the boat – and slept!

At the worst point of the storm they ran to Jesus and yelled:

Disciples: "Jesus! Don’t you care if we drown? You must help us! We’re sinking!"

On whom do you call when waves of fear and worry crash onto your life-boat?

Jesus is Lord of all. He stood up and called out to the wind.

Jesus: "Be quiet! Be still!"

Immediately the wind stopped and it grew quiet. It was as if there had been no storm at all.

The disciples were amazed at this miracle.

Disciples: "Who is this Jesus? Even the wind and the waves obey Him!"

Jesus is Lord: Lord over all nature as well as sickness and evil spirits. And Jesus is Lord over death.

No one is like Him, and no one can do what He does.

And the disciples thought that they, the boat and Jesus would drown.

Jesus: "Where is your faith? Why did you fear?"

They had to ask themselves the same question that Jesus asked them.

Jesus is Lord over the waves in your life.

Talk with Him about the waves of need, worry, problems in school, sickness.

Jesus is Lord, so don’t be afraid, instead trust Him.

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