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1. Jesus loves children

Guests visited a Swedish princess and asked her, "Could you please show us the crown jewels?"

"Of course," she answered, and went to the door, coming back with two children. She picked up both children and smiled at the guests, saying, "These are my jewels."

The guests looked surprised since they had expected to see diamonds and other precious stones. But they understood that the children were more precious to the princess than precious stones.

It’s true, not everyone has a heart for children.

But I know someone who loves children: the Lord Jesus.

The Bible tells us about a time when parents brought their children to Jesus so that He could bless them and they could get to know Him. But before they got to Jesus, they heard angry voices.

Disciples: "What are you doing? Leave! Get out of here!"

Frightened, the children stopped in their tracks. They didn’t dare say a word. And it was Jesus’ disciples who scolded them so severely.

I’m so glad that the story doesn’t end there. Jesus loves children and intervened right away.

Jesus: "Let these little children come to me. Don’t send them away. The kingdom of heaven belongs to them."

Jesus loves children. He invites them to trust Him and get to know Him. And they did come …

… boys and girls who are your age

… good and bad

… big and small

… loud and shy

… smart and not-so-smart

… boys and girls of different colours

The children never forgot the day when Jesus was friendly to them and blessed them.

Jesus loves children!

This made the children happy and they told many others about Him.

And always remember that Jesus loves you, too!

In the Bible He says to you: Whoever comes to me I will not send away.

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