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3. Pig food or banquet food

The father stood sadly at the window. A few days ago his youngest son had left him. He just walked away. With him he took his inheritance money and took off. He didn’t even turn around once!

The father loved him. Where is his son? How is he doing?

Apparently he was doing well. He had lots of money, lots of friends. He went from one party to the next. Partying, laughing, lots of drinking, even doing things he knew were wrong. He just let himself go along with the crowd. Soon all his money was gone. And his friends as well.

Not having a job was a big trouble. Finally he found work with a farmer. Slopping the pigs – the worst job he could have had! His stomach growled and he would have eaten the pigs’ slop, but he wasn’t allowed. Hungry and in ragged clothes he sat near the stinky pigs and brooded.

His father loved him – did he consider that?

Suddenly he stood up and decided something. He said,

Son: "I’m going home and I’ll tell my father that I’m sorry that I sinned against him by going my own way."

Really, he wanted to confess this to his father.

Imagine this: even when the son was far, far away from his father’s house, his father saw him even then. He loved his son and ran to meet him!

Before the son could say one word, the father took him in his arms and kissed him. Overjoyed he called his servants and told them,

Father: "Quickly! Bring a clean set of clothes, a ring and shoes. Prepare a feast! We’re going to celebrate, for my son is here! He was given up for dead, but he’s alive! He was lost, but now is found and has come back to me!"

As much as this father loved his son, in the same way God loves you and me. He wants us to come to him and live with him. That’s why Jesus told this story.

Do you want to know more about God’s love and how to come to Him? Then please write to me!

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