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144. Totally smitten 5

Hudson Taylor shut the door sadly. He had to leave his friends on the island of Tsung Ming because jealous people spoke badly about him to the the high-level bureaucrat. He didn’t understand that.

But God didn’t desert him. He can even bring good out of evil.

His new address was in the Bridge Street in the town of Ningpo. He joyfully told the Chinese there about Jesus, the Savior, too.

God worked everything out. But the best was yet to come! Better said, the best person. Next door was a missionary school. A woman from England taught there. Hudson fell in love with the happy teacher, and she with him. Hudson wanted to marry Mary, but he had to confess something to her first.

H. T.: "Mary, I have to tell you something. I’m not a rich man. When I need something, then I ask Jesus to provide it and trust Him to care for me. I don’t have a lot of money, but will you marry me anyway?"

Mary: "Yes! And then we’ll trust Him together. We don’t need much. The best thing we possess is Jesus."

Many friends came to the wedding.

God gives each person who loves Him the very best. He promised this, and He keeps His Word. That’s why Hudson and Mary gave Him their lives.

Hudson cared for the sick and preached, too. Mary taught the children and told many boys and girls about the Lord Jesus. And they gave the poor something to eat. Hudson and Mary were never lacking work. They were so happy when Chinese came to believe in Jesus.

Every evening the bells rang as an invitation to come to the service.

The idol worshipper, Ni, heard the happy singing and came as well. For the first time in his life he heard that Jesus is the only way to God.

Ni: "Mr. Taylor, I’ve searched a long time for the truth. Jesus is the truth. I believe in Him. For how many years have you English people known the truth?"

H. T.: "For some hundred years."

Ni: "What??? That long??? Why didn’t anyone come earlier to tell us the truth here?"

This question kept going through Hudson’s mind. He thought about the millions of Chinese who still didn’t know the truth – and he worked even harder until he became very sick. Then, without fail, he had to go back to England to get better.

Can God also work everything out for the best when someone gets sick?

You’ll hear the answer in the next drama. Remember to listen!

People: Narrator, Hudson Taylor, Mary, Ni

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