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145. If I had 1000 lives 6

The ship docked. Very sick, Hudson Taylor went on land.

The doctors who treated him in England were very concerned about him.

Doctor: "Mr. Taylor, you won’t be able to return China anymore."

H. T.: "If God wants to heal me, He will."

A large map of China hung on the wall. Hudson looked at it and cried, for he thought about the millions of Chinese who had never heard about Jesus.

He often told this story:

H. T.: "I travelled on a ship to Sung Kian Fu. Peter was on board. We talked about Jesus. Then I returned to my cabin. I suddenly heard someone cry out and then a splash. Peter had fallen over board. I jumped into the water, but I couldn’t find him. 'Help! Help!' I called to some fishermen. But they answered: 'No time. We’re fishing. Will you pay us?' I promised them that I would. It took a long for them to come and help. They pulled Peter out of the water. I tried to reanimate him, but it was too late. Peter was dead. He could have been saved if the fishermen hadn’t been so indifferent."

How terrible!

Hudson wanted people to be saved. Especially from their sins. But now he was sick.

H. T: "Lord Jesus, please send five missionaries to China, so that many people can come to believe in You and be saved."

His prayer was answered. But what are five missionaries for millions of Chinese? Hudson Taylor prayed for 24, for 100, for 1000! And God answered his prayers.

This is what I learned from Hudson Taylor: Tell Jesus exactly what you need and believe that He will provide it. Jesus gives to us gladly. He hears our prayers.

Hudson Taylor did get well again and travelled with the new missionaries to China.

1st woman: "You’re all crazy, stay here!"

2nd woman: "Here you can earn lots of money. In China you’ll be hungry because you’ll soon be forgotten."

H.T.: "Forgotten? God never forgets about His children!"

God never forgot about him.

H. T.: "If I had 1000 lives, I would be a missionary a 1000 times over."

Do you want to be a missionary, too? I promise this: you won’t become a millionaire, and it will often be difficult. But nonetheless: There is nothing better than doing what Jesus wants us to do and trusting Him in every situation.

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