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138. A terrible accident 1

It was tense in the city. There was no laughter or singing at all. Everyone was afraid.

Nanny: "Hopefully this horrible war will soon be over."

Woman: "Will King Saul defeat the enemy?"

The sentinels on the wall were the first to see the runner. He brought news from the front lines. One could see from his face that is was not good news.

Messenger: "The enemy broke through our front lines. King Saul and Prince Jonathan are dead. Flee! Save your own lives!"

Everyone panicked and many fled from the city.

What an awful day! Especially for Mephibosheth. Although he was only five years old, he understood everything. His father, Prince Jonathan, was dead.

His father would never come home and hold him in his arms. His father would never take him to shoot his bow and arrow or tell him stories. Mephibosheth cried.

His nanny took care of him.

Nanny: "Come, Mephibosheth, we must leave here. We can’t lose any time."

They quickly left the palace and then it happened.

Mephibosheth: "Ouch! Oh, my foot!"

Mephibosheth fell so badly that he couldn’t walk anymore. Imagine – because of this accident, he was lame in both feet. It was the saddest day of his life. First his father had died. Then they had to flee. Then came the accident. And now he had no home anymore.

Sometime later the refugees reached the Lo-Dabar. Lo-Dabar means 'insignificant, worthless'. Somehow this fit to Mephibosheth. For suddenly his life was worthless. For sure he thought that he wasn’t worth anything anymore.

Do you feel insignificant at times? You’re not the best in your class, you can’t break any records in sport, and that’s why you think that everyone else is better and more loved than you are.

Can you understand Mephibosheth? He lived like this for many years in Lo-Dabar.

His father’s best friend was David. When he became King of Israel, he walked pensively in the palace.

David: "Ziba, my servant, is anyone still living from Saul‘s family?"

Ziba: "Yes, Jonathan‘s son, the lame Mephibosheth."

David: "And where is he?"

Ziba: "He lives in Lo-Dabar."

What was King David going to do? I’ll tell you in the next drama.

People: Narrator, nanny, woman, messenger, Mephibosheth, David, Ziba

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