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137. The sign post 5

Girl: "School of life part 4. The destination indicator."

(sound of traffic noises)

Lena: "And now which way?"

Cathy: "This is ridiculous. The directions are at home pinned to my bulletin board."

Lena (accusingly): "Great! Now what we are going to do?"

Cathy: "Over there is a sign with directions."

Whether the girls reached their destination? It’s good that there are destination indicators. And not only for traffic, but also for our lives. Did you know that God gives us directions?

Boy: "What do they look like?"

They have hands and feet, ears and a mouth. Like Philip. This guide knew the only way to God. He could explain it well. He showed many the way to Jesus.

Angel: "Philip, go south on the street that leads from Jerusalem to Gaza."

God needed Philip. God needs you. He needs people who know the way. Will you be a destination indicator for Jesus?

You can learn a lot from Philip. He didn’t say: I don’t feel like it.

He obeyed immediately. He wasn’t alone for long on the dusty road. The minister of finance for the Queen of Ethiopia rode along in a grand chariot. This man had travelled over 120 miles in order to worship in Jerusalem. In the temple, he bought an expensive scroll for himself. While travelling, he read the Bible verses from the scroll out loud.

Philip ran to the chariot.

Philip: "Do you understand what you’re reading?"

Ethiopian: "No. I don’t have anyone who can explain it to me. Come and sit with me and explain to me what this means."

Philip: "You’re reading about Jesus. He is the only way to God. Believe in Him and He will bring you to your goal in this life and in the life to come."

Ethiopian: "I believe that Jesus is God’s Son."

Philip was a destination indicator who pointed to Jesus. And the minister of finance followed his guidance.

His heart found the right path. Joyfully, he rode back home, and that’s all we know about his story.

I hope that you know the only way to God and are a destination indicator for Jesus: at home, in school, with your friends. And someday perhaps in Germany, where destination indicators for Jesus are so desperately needed. But also in Africa and Asia.

For millions of people have no guide. They have not yet heard that Jesus is the only way to God.

People: Narrator, boy, girl (und Lena), Cathy, angel, Philip, Ethiopian

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