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132. Fish and questions for breakfast

The events happened so fast. If there had been newspapers back then, then Easter in the year 33 would have made the front page.

Male reader: "Total darkness on the day Jesus died."

Female reader: "The dead are raised and came into the city."

Male reader: "Earthquakes cracked rocks."

Female reader: "The captain admits that Jesus is God’s son."

Male reader: "Jesus‘ last words: It is finished!"

Female reader: "And in large letters on the front page: the tomb is empty!"

Was this in the "Jerusalem Times"? No. These are reports from eye witnesses in the Bible, reports you just have to read for yourself.

The tomb is empty. Jesus lives! After His resurrection He went to His disciples. They were still grieving and were afraid. But when they saw Jesus, they were so very happy.

After this, Peter and the other disciples left Jerusalem and went to their homes on the Sea of Galilee.

Peter: "I’m going fishing."

John: "We’re coming with you."

In the evening, they sailed out to sea. But in the night they didn’t catch one single fish. When it grew lighter, Jesus was standing on the shore. The disciples didn’t know that it was He.

Jesus: "Do you have something to eat?"

John: "No."

Jesus: "Throw your net out on the right side of the boat." (sound of water splashing)

Peter: "The net is full!"

John: "That’s Jesus, the Lord!"

Only 300 feet from shore they had a great catch and brought in 153 fish.

Jesus: "Come and eat breakfast!"

Bread and grilled fish were ready by the fire. It was the third time that Jesus appeared to His friends. Peter had a bad conscience. He thought about the fact that three times he had denied knowing Jesus. After the meal, Jesus spoke with Peter alone.

Jesus: "Peter, do you love Me?"

Peter: "Yes, Lord, You know that I love You."

Jesus: "Peter, do you love Me?"

Peter: "Yes, Lord, You know that I love You."

Jesus: "Peter, do You love Me?"

Peter grew sad because Jesus asked him three times.

Peter: "Lord, you know everything. You know that I love You."

Is this your answer to Jesus‘ question to you today?

Jesus forgave Peter. Whoever is forgiven a lot loves Jesus a lot!

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