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64. On the run

It’s super that you’re listening right now! Did you have a good Christmas?

Many people all around the world celebrate Christmas and are glad that Jesus, the eternal King, was born.

But one person wasn’t glad back then, almost 2000 years ago. King Herod. He was afraid of losing his throne. And that is why he wanted to kill the baby Jesus as soon as he heard from the wise men where Jesus was.

But the wise men didn’t return to Jerusalem. For God told them in a dream to do something else.

God said: "Don’t go back to King Herod. In your return to your home country take a different way."

And they did just that. Whoever knows Jesus personally obeys Him gladly. They returned on a different route to their home. Nevertheless, the danger wasn’t gone.

So God told Joseph in a dream what he should do.

God said: "Get up! Take the child and your wife and flee to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you to return. Herod will do all he can to kill the child."

Joseph loved God and obeyed immediately.

Do you also obey when He tells you to do something?

In the middle of the night, Joseph got up and fled to Egypt with Mary and the baby Jesus. And just in time, for Herod had already noticed that the wise men had not returned to him. In his anger, he gave a horrible order.

Herod: "Kill all the baby boys who are younger than two years old. This order is to be carried out immediately in Bethlehem as well as in the whole surrounding area."

Was Herod crazy? He caused so much grief with this command.

But he couldn’t find the baby Jesus. He couldn’t do him any harm.

When Jesus was about three years old, the hated King died. An angel told this to Joseph in a dream.

God said: "Get up! Take the child and his mother and go back to Israel. Everyone who wanted to kill the child is dead."

God didn’t have to tell Joseph twice. Joseph trusted God’s word and obeyed. He went with Mary and the baby Jesus back to their home.

And there in Israel, in the small town of Nazareth, the Lord Jesus grew up, just as God had foretold.

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