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63. Sammy’s discovery

In the streets of New York a cold wind was blowing. Sammy pulled his hat over his ears. Every evening he got to take a walk with his father. Cars raced passed, brakes squealed, and women pushed their way to the busses with bags full of packages. Everyone was in a hurry.

Sammy: "Daddy, what’s the point of that?"

His father, who was deep in thought, asked:

Father: "What do you mean?"

Sammy: "The star, Daddy, the star! Don’t you see it?"

Excitedly, he pointed to a window in one of the houses. There was a burning candle whose flame shone like a star in the darkness.

Father: "Those people put a candle in the window for their son. He’s far, far away in the war and is fighting against our enemies. If he ever gets hit by a bullet, then they’ll blow out the candle."

As they walked farther, the father thought: I hope that I will never have to put a candle in a window for our son.

Sammy kept looking for stars.

Sammy: "Daddy, there’s one. And another one. Look, there are two candles in one window. That family probably has two sons in the war."

At the end of the street, Sammy lifted his head and stopped suddenly. He held his breath as if something inconceivable had happened.

Sammy: "Look, Daddy, there!"

He had discovered the evening star in the dark sky.

Sammy: "Does God also have a Son? He put a star in the window."

Father: "Yes, God has an only Son. He sent Him to fight against the evil in this world. And He won! Not with weapons, but with love. It cost Him his life. But He even loves His enemies, the ones who nailed Him to the cross. God raised Him from the dead. Through Him we can have peace with God and other people."

Later, Sammy often thought about the stars in the windows and thought about the One who fought against the evil in the world by offering up His life.

Jesus brought us peace. And still there are awful wars that cause fear and suffering. Bombs and bullets snuff out the life of many people.

But the star in God’s window can’t be snuffed out. Nor can the One be snuffed out who gives salvation and peace to all who ask: Jesus Christ.

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