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68. The showdown 1

Two Eskimos sit on the sled, thickly dressed. The whip lashes and the dogs dash over the frozen glacier. Suddenly Colli hears something.

Kuppa, the magician, also heard it: a quiet tinkling travels through the ice.

A whistle and the dogs stop running. The Eskimos take off their fur hats. No doubt about it – the ice is singing. Fear rises inside them. For when the ice sings, it means that underwater waves will come - strong waves that come with great power all of a sudden and crack the thickest piece of ice.

(sound of the whip lashing)

Colli: "Get going, you good dogs! Run quickly to the shore. Strong waves are coming. We’re going to die."

Kuppa: "Colli, do you see that sled over there?"

Colli: "Are they crazy? They’re riding toward the waves."

Kuppa: "We have to warn them."

But when the two sleds meet and Kuppa sees the missionaries from the Eskimo town in the other sled, he doesn’t warn them. He hates them, them and their Jesus, about whom they’re always talking.

Kuppa and Colli reached the safe shore of Nain.

Kuppa: "That worked out well."

Colli: "And the others?"

Kuppa: "They should just die. Now their Jesus can show us if He’s more powerful than the strong waves. Haha."

The two men build an igloo. Afterwards Kuppa went to the small store with a fine seal fur. Is the white woman here the missionary’s wife?

Kuppa: "I want to trade this fur for that gun over there."

Woman: "I don’t know if we need more fur. Can you wait a bit until my husband is back?"

Kuppa: "He’s not coming back."

Woman: "What do you mean by that?"

Kuppa: "Very strong waves are coming."

Woman: "THE strong waves???"

Shocked, the woman stared at him. The magician opened the window and they both heard it – the ice was singing.

Woman: "Kuppa, why didn’t you warn him?"

Kuppa: "Why should I have? His Jesus should help him if He can."

The woman is distraught. Then she sees the Bible verse that is hanging on the wall. Jesus said: I have been given all power in heaven and earth.

Woman: "Jesus can! He has never, ever lost a showdown."

Kuppa: "The showdown is on. If they come back in spite of the strong waves, then I will also believe in Jesus."

Woman: "Kuppa, they’ll return. I know it!"

Her certainty made the magician uncertain. Who is going to win the showdown? Kuppa or Jesus? You’ll get the answer in the next drama

People: Narrator, Kuppa, Colli, woman

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