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69. The showdown 2

The soup bowl was on the table, but no one ate anything. Two places are empty. Will they stay empty forever?

Missionary: "It doesn’t make sense. We’ve been working with the Eskimos for almost thirty years telling them about Jesus, but they don’t want to believe. Their heart is as cold as the ice."

Missionary woman: "And now this. Two missionaries and three Eskimos drove over the ice and don’t know that the strong waves are coming. They’re going to die and the magician will just laugh at us."

Missionary: "We’re not going to give up. We’re going to pray. If Jesus wants to, He can rescue them. He has all power in heaven and earth."

While they prayed, the ocean blustered. The strong waves broke the ice cover on the ocean. Five Eskimos on their sled screamed for their lives.

Moses: "The ice is breaking! We’re going to die."

Eskimo: "Let the dogs take the lead."

Moses: "Go! Find the safe shore."

The dogs raced away. A water fountain shot into the air. Huge pieces of ice blocked the way. Almost unconscious, they reached the rocks. Their sled hung between the sky and the water. The dogs couldn’t run anymore. Moses turned around. His heart almost stopped. A huge sheet of ice came toward them. It’s going to dash them against the rocks. Moses cried out to Jesus.

Moses: "Lord Jesus, help us!"

With a loud noise, the sheet of ice moved like a car lift under their sled, lifted it up and threw it onto the shore.

Moses and Eskimo: "Saved! We’re saved!"

Then another high wave came and tossed everyone about. Completely wet, they climbed higher and got to safety. They had to endure nine days of great danger. Then finally, when the ice was again firm, they could go home. God had protected them. Colli saw them from afar.

Colli: "Kuppa, they’re coming! They’re coming!"

Kuppa: "Who?"

Colli: "The missionaries. Jesus won the showdown!"

Kuppa: "Impossible! After nine days, no one comes back from the danger of the strong waves."

The magician let them ride out to sea without warning them. Exhausted but safe, the men came back home. This is a miracle of God.

Kuppa recognized this and believed in Jesus. Because of being so happy, someone ran to the church and rang the bells. Many Eskimos believed in Jesus from then on.

People: Narrator, missionary, missionary woman, Moses, Eskimo, Kuppa, Colli

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