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45. The catastrophe 4

A storm blustered over Haiti. In this poor land, terrible storms had often destroyed the harvest. Orestil, the witch doctor, gasped as he climbed the mountain in the rainy darkness. Lightening lit up the darkness. He recognized Victor on the rock.

Orestil: "I’m going to kill him. He’s guilty for everything because he always talks about Jesus. The spirits are getting back at us with this storm. I’m going to kill him and everyone will think that he fell from the rocks."

With thoughts of murder in his heart, Orestil plodded on. But suddenly he fell into a huge hole and twisted his leg. He couldn’t possible continue.

Orestil: "Help! Help!"

In spite of the thunder, Victor heard his calls for help. He didn’t know why the witch doctor was following him.

Orestil: "Help me. I want to visit my older daughter who lives on the mountain."

Orestil is a big liar. But Victor helped him anyway. Carefully he carried the wounded man to a hut that protected them from the rain. A dull noise caused them to listen. It wasn’t thunder. And it didn’t stop but instead got louder and louder. The mountain trembled. Huge boulders plunged into the valley and covered the village. Orestil was shocked.

Orestil: "My wife, my TiFam! We have to help them!"

Victor: "Orestil, why didn’t you listen to me? I warned you about the mudslide! You’re the guilty one if your wife and daughter die."

Painstakingly and with Victor’s help, Orestil dragged himself to the place where his house once stood. He began to dig wildly in the mud. Then he stopped.

Orestil: "My wife is dead. But look over there – something is moving! TiFam!"

He freed his daughter from the rubble and picked her up.

Orestil: "TiFam, my TiFam!"

Victor: "Lord Jesus, help us. Send missionaries with food and medicine to us."

Jesus answered Victor’s prayer. In a short time help came and TiFam was taken in a helicopter to the mission’s hospital.

You’ll hear what happened to her there if you listen to the next drama.

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