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46. How does one become a child of God 5

The catastrophe in Haiti was dreadful. After the storm, boulders fell from the mountain into the valley and covered the whole village, the one in which TiFam used to live. But God saved her life. In the mission hospital TiFam got better quickly. The nurses liked TiFam and were happy about her good progress.

Nurse: "You’re doing better now, TiFam. Would you like to learn to read and write?"

TiFam: "Yes, I would. But I’m afraid of that book."

Nurse: "You don’t need to be afraid of the Bible. In it we read that Jesus loves children."

After that, TiFam went daily to the mission school. In the religion class she closed her ears, but sometimes she listened a little bit. She didn’t understand what the teacher meant by “God’s child.” She quickly grabbed the charm that she hung around her neck. One of the girls laughed at her. TiFam was frightened and cried as she ran from the school room.

Nurse: "TiFam, why are you crying?"

TiFam: "I don’t understand it. How can I become a child of God?"

Nurse: "In the Bible it says that whoever believes in Jesus and asks Him to be Lord of his or her life, then that person is a child of God."

TiFam: "My father will punish me if I do that. I’m afraid."

Nurse: "We’ll pray for him that he, too, will one day believe in the Son of God."

TiFam was encouraged and prayed.

TiFam: "Lord Jesus, I believe in you. Forgive me of my sins and come into my life."

Nurse: "Now you are a child of God. And Jesus is always with you."

TiFam (happily): "I am a child of God!"

After some time, her father came to pick her up. She had been given a Bible as a going-away gift. Her father glared at her suspiciously and stayed silent until they were back home.

Orestil: "Do you also believe in this Jesus?"

TiFam: "Yes, father, I am a child of God. Please accept Jesus into your life, too. In the Bible it says that when you do that, you’ll become a child of God."

TiFam didn’t get any further. Her father took the Bible out of her hand, tore it into a thousand pieces, and let them fly away in the wind.

And then?

The next drama will tell you what happened.

People: Narrator, Nurse (from the mission station), TiFam, Orestil

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