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44. The witch doctor rages 3

TiFam: "Mother, it’s starting to rain."

Mother: "That’s great, TiFam, because it washes away the dust."

TiFam: "We haven’t seen Victor. Is he dead?"

Mother: "I don’t believe so."

TiFam: "But father said that the evil spirits would kill him because he always talks about Jesus."

Mother: "I believe that his God is stronger. Ouch, my foot."

TiFam’s mother had slipped and hurt her foot. How was she supposed to get back home now? In the pouring rain they reached the missionary’s house and knocked on the door. And who opened up? Victor! He was alive.

Victor: "Come in. You can dry out by the fire."

While her mother’s foot was being taken care of, TiFam gushed.

TiFam: "You’re going to die. My father cursed you with death. I’m afraid! We shouldn’t stay here."

Victor: "You don’t need to be afraid. The spell can’t hurt me because Jesus is my Lord and will protect me."

Mother: "Victor, I heard you at the market. I believed your words and since then I have peace in my heart."

The conversation did her mother good, but TiFam was still afraid of her father. If he ever heard about this… They were tired when they reached home. And the weather got worse and worse. It stormed and rained without ceasing. The river overflowed its banks, the streets were washed away, and it was days before anyone could go outside. (sound of knocking)

TiFam: "Who is there?” (sound of door opening)

Orestil: "Victor, why did you come here?"

Victor: "There’s a landslide. Because of the severe weather, pieces of rock have broken away. Leave the house or you’ll be buried in the mud."

Orestil: "That’s silly. We’re staying here. The spirits will protect us."

Victor: "They can’t help you. Only the living God can help if you would only believe in Him."

Orestil: "I don’t want to hear that. Leave! Get out of my house!”

Before Victor left, he gave Mrs. Orestil courage.

Victor: "Mrs. Orestil, don’t be afraid. God is with you."

Victor had just left the house when Orestil got his biggest machete down and left the house angrily.

TiFam: "Stop, father, don’t do it!"

To be continued in the next drama.

People: Narrator, mother, TiFam, Victor, Orestil

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