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112. Mirrors tell the truth

How many times have you looked in the mirror today?

Mark looked in the mirror. He was shocked. But instead of using soap and water, he took the mirror and threw it angrily on the floor. (sound of glass breaking)

Similarly, some people handle the Bible this way. It is a mirror and shows children and adults what isn’t right in their lives. And many don’t like that.

Jeremiah was a prophet many years ago, as well as a mouthpiece of God in Israel, and he experienced the same thing. His sermons were like a mirror for the nation. But they didn’t want to change. God had lots of patience with them. For fifty long years.

God‘s voice: "Jeremiah, pick up a scroll. Write down everything I tell you. Perhaps then the people will listen to me and change things in their lives."

This job took months to complete. Jeremiah dictated God’s Word to his secretary and he wrote down every word.

Jeremiah: "Baruch, we’re finally done. You know that I’m not allowed to enter the temple anymore. You go there and take these scrolls with you."

Micaiah listened as the scrolls were read aloud. He quickly searched for his minister in the King’s palace.

Micaiah: "Baruch read God’s Word in the temple. We’re not living like we should. God is going to punish us."

Minister: "Bring the man with the scrolls to us."

Baruch came. God’s Word was like a mirror to the minister’s heart.

Minister: "Baruch, how did you write all that down?"

Baruch: "Jeremiah dictated it to me and I wrote it with ink."

Minister: "We have to report this to the King. Baruch, hide with Jeremiah; no one should know where you two are staying."

King Jehoiakim sat comfortably in his winter house in front of the fireplace.

There were a lot of things in his life that were not in order. But he didn’t want to listen to God at all. Whenever a few paragraphs had been read, he stood up, took a knife and cut off some of the scroll and threw it into the fire. He did this repeatedly until the whole scroll was burned up.

In the hiding place, everything was written down one more time.

God’s love is great. He let His Word be written for us as well.

My tip for you: read the Bible every day. Let yourself be changed. God wants you to look good, especially in your heart.

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