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111. A promise is a promise

1st Enemy: "Give up! We have you beaten."

2nd Enemy: "Don’t rely on what your King says. He’s lying to you!"

1st Enemy: "Our King Sennacherib is the mightiest!"

2nd Enemy: "Ha, you are losers and not soldiers."

1st Enemy: "And if you depend on God, then it’s over."

The enemy Assyria besieged the city of Jerusalem with 200,000 soldiers.

The men on the city wall were quiet. King Hezekiah knew that he didn’t have a chance. But he had a weapon about which the enemy knew nothing. A weapon that always won.

This weapon couldn’t be found in the armory, but could be found in his heart: trust in God. Whoever possessed this weapon never needed to fear the enemy.

Hezekiahs messenger: "King Hezekiah, here is a letter from Sennacherib."

Hezekiah: "Don’t be afraid. God is on our side. Trust in Him!"

Hezekiah took the letter, went into the temple and prayed:

Hezekiah: "Lord, You are our God. You alone are King. Save us so that all will see that you are a living God."

Some people think that when people believe in God, everything in life will be easy. But the Bible doesn’t teach that at all. God lets difficult things happen to us. They are tests to see if we really trust Him.

Hezekiah passed this test and God said to him:

Thus says the Lord God: I have heard your prayer. The enemy won’t be able to shoot a single arrow into the city.

Really? Not one arrow?

The next day everyone was convinced.

Man: "Will you look at that! The enemy is defeated!"

Man: "Corpses everywhere. Who beat the enemy?"

In the Bible it tells us that God sent an angel in the night. And the angel killed 185,000 of the enemies‘ soldiers. That’s why not one arrow was shot into the city.

What God promises, He does.

We can trust Him fully, as it says in the Bible in Psalm 33, verse 4:

"For the word of the Lord is right and true; He is faithful in all He does."

Read God‘s Word and depend on it. Then you will also experience that Hezekiah’s God is the same today as He was back then. What God promises, He does.

Write to me if you don’t have a Bible. You’ll receive one as a gift.

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