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113. Can your God do everything

Catherine: "Jody, just imagine – I just got over $25 given to me. Just because. No one knew that I’m praying for money to give to missionaries."

Jody: "What do you mean?"

Catherine: "Whenever I get an allowance, I give some of the money to God for missionary work. And now I want to buy a doll to put in the box that will go to China at Christmas. Are you coming with me?"

Jody: "Of course!"

At the toy store, they decided to buy the doll with the long blond hair and the pretty blue dress. After paying, Catherine and Jody went straight to Mrs. Hartmann’s house. (sound of a doorbell ringing, the door opening)

Catherine: "Good day, Mrs. Hartmann! This is for the Christmas package."

Mrs. Hartmann: "Oh, I’m so sorry, but the box is already closed."

Catherine: "Oh no! But this doll has to go to China. I know it for a fact. Jesus gave me the money to buy it."

When Mrs. Hartmann saw how serious the girl was, she opened the box.

Catherine: "Thanks so much, Mrs. Hartmann. God has a purpose for it."

As if Sister Ruth had guessed it! She was a missionary in China and taught German to a young girl.

Adina was very gifted in languages. But she had never heard about the living God who does miracles and loves her so much.

Adina: "Can your God really do everything?"

Sr. Ruth: "Yes, nothing is impossible with Him."

Adina: "Then He should send me a German doll with a blue dress for Christmas. Please tell Him that!"

Sister Ruth couldn’t imagine how God would fulfill this wish. So she was astounded when she opened the box with the answer-to-prayer doll. This was no coincidence.

Sr. Ruth: "Thank you, Lord Jesus. You are alive and you can truly do anything. Please help Adina to come to know You."

With the package wrapped prettily, she brought the gift to Adina.

Sr. Ruth: "Here Adina, the Lord Jesus sent this to you." (sound of paper rustling)

Adina: "She is so pretty! This is exactly the kind of doll I wanted."

She jumped for joy around the room. But suddenly she grew serious.

Adina: "Sister Ruth, Jesus can do anything. I believe in Him because He fulfilled my wish. Lord Jesus, come into my life and make my heart pure. I want to belong to you 100%. Amen."

True Christmas joy came into Adina’s heart. Jesus can do anything. And she told this to many people.

People: Narrator, Catherine, Jody, Mrs. Hartmann, Adina, Sister Ruth

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