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70. It’s worth it

Peter: "What a bummer. The whole night we fished and fished and didn’t catch one single thing."

Disappointed, the tired fishermen drew their boat onto the shore. An unsuccessful night shift was behind them. But they still had to repair their nets and clean up.

Suddenly people crowded to the Sea of Galilee. Jesus is here! They wanted to hear him; it was always worth it. His words gave everyone courage and new strength. So many people pushed and shoved. Jesus didn’t have any room at all.

Jesus: "Peter, let me get in your boat and push a bit away from the shore."

Now everyone could hear and see Him much better. When He was done with His sermon, he looked at Peter.

Jesus: "Peter, take us out to sea. Throw your nets overboard. We’re going fishing!"

I would have loved to have seen Peter’s face. Now we’re going fishing? In the daytime, the fish get away from the heat and swim to the bottom of the lake. No fish will swim into the net. Peter knows what he’s talking about. After all, he is a fisherman by trade.

Peter: "Master, we fished all night and didn’t catch a single fish."

We can tell Jesus about our failures.

Peter: "But because You said to do it, I’ll throw the nets out."

How splendid of Peter. He’s no know-it-all. He listened to Jesus and it paid off. He rode further out to sea with the other fishermen and threw out the nets. A miracle occurred! They caught so many fish that the nets began to tear.

Peter: "John, James, help us! We can’t do this alone."

They waved to their friends and filled two boats with fish. There were so many fish that the boats almost sank.

Peter is so impressed by Jesus. He noticed that he is so different from Him.

Peter: "Lord, go away from me, for I am a sinner."

How wonderful that Jesus didn’t go away from Peter, but forgave him.

He will do this for you and for me when we confess our sins to Him.

Jesus: "Peter, don’t be afraid. Starting today you will be a fisherman of men."

A new job. Peter should now be a fisherman of men for Jesus. I think it’s great that Jesus doesn’t just call super-duper people, but normal people like you and me, people like Peter, people, who listen to His word and then experience that it’s worth living with Him.

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