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117. A sad Christmas 1

Annette tossed and turned in her bed. Suddenly she remembered: It’s Christmas! With that thought she sprung out of bed.

Annette: "Danny! Danny, where are you?"

Danny: "Come quickly to the front door, Annette."

Annette: "What are you doing outside? You’re going to get sick."

Danny: "Annette, Santa Claus was here! And you said that he wouldn’t be able to make it to us in the mountains. But I still put my red slippers outside, and look! He brought me something."

Annette saw it. A snow-white kitten snuggled in the soft slipper. Danny carried it into the house.

Danny: "I’ll name it Snow White. I am so happy."

Danny gave the kitten some warm milk and Annette sat down in Grandma’s rocking chair and looked at them. While watching, she thought about Christmas 5 years ago.

Then she was seven years old and was allowed to go to church with her neighbor and her son, Lukas. It was so lovely to hear the singing and listen to the pastor tell about the baby Jesus. But she just couldn’t stand Lukas, the greedy boy with the pitch black hair. He begged for Annette’s gingerbread cookie. But she didn’t give it to him. Absolutely not! Then she stomped through the snow and went back home. She had looked forward to Christmas Eve. But when she saw her father’s sad face, she was surprised.

Annette: "Is Mama doing worse?"

Father: "Yes, Annette, she’s very sick. She’s asking for you."

Quietly, Annette went to her bed. She would never forget what her mother said to her in her weak voice:

Mother: "Annette, I have a gift for you. It’s a baby brother. Take good care of him."

Annette took the baby. What did this mean? Later, her father came to her.

Father: "Annette, your Mama is not with us anymore. She’s celebrating Christmas in heaven. She knew that she was going to die and that’s why she gave you little Danny."

Annette cried herself to sleep in her father’s arms. It was a very sad Christmas day.

Annette was so deep in thought that she didn’t even realize that Grandma had come into the room.

Danny: "Grandma, can you tell us about heaven?"

Danny liked it when Grandma told about this wonderful place where there are no tears.

But in Annette‘s heart, the conflict with Lukas was still here. There was no room for Jesus. Which is why everything got even worse.

You can hear what happened next in the following drama.

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