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104. Pharaoh is obstinate 4

Aaron: "Moses, is it really you? Shalom."

Moses: "Aaron, I can’t believe it. We haven’t seen each other for 40 years."

The brothers hugged each other. Their joy was great.

God had a task for them.

Moses was to lead the Israelites out of slavery from the Egyptians. And his brother was to help him do this. They had to go to Pharaoh, this terrible monarch. For this they needed much courage.

Moses: "Pharaoh, the LORD, the God of Israel says to you: Let My people go."

Pharaoh: "The Lord? Who is that? I don’t know Him. And I have absolutely no plans to let the Israelites leave. Get out of here!"

Pharaoh wasn’t willing to listen to God.

Pharaoh: "You sluggards! Go back to work. You won’t get any more straw for making the bricks. Find it yourselves. But you still have to make the same number of bricks as before."

Incomprehensible! Now everything was even worse than before. The Israelites scolded Moses. Moses prayed.

Moses: "Lord, why did you send me to Pharaoh? Now it’s worse for us than ever before. You haven’t done anything to free Your people."

God spoke: "You’ll soon see what I’m going to do with Pharaoh. I’m going to force him to let you go. What I have promised, I will carry out. I will free you."

God sent lots of punishments to the Egyptians.

Boy: "Once He turned all the water in the rivers to blood. But Pharaoh still didn’t believe."

Girl: "Yuck, and then frogs covered the whole land. They even got into Pharaoh’s bed."

Boy: "And then a horrible hailstorm ruined all the crops."

Girl: "Three days long it was totally dark. But all these miracles didn’t convince Pharaoh. He is so stubborn."

Boy: "It’s so cool that these punishments didn’t hurt the Israelites at all."

Then God announced the worst punishment of all.

God spoke: "One more punishment will come upon Pharaoh and Egypt, and then you will be free."

Moses went to Pharaoh for the last time.

Moses: "Tonight God will go through the land of Egypt and the oldest son in each family will die. Even your son. Then you will recognize that Israel serves a living God."

Will Pharaoh finally recognize this? You’ll find out in the next drama.

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