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103. The voice of the invisible one 3

A mysterious burning bush. (sound of fire crackling) It was ablaze, but It didn’t burn up.

Moses slowly walked closer. He wanted to understand this mystery at any cost.

Moses: "That is so strange. How can it be that the bush doesn’t burn up?"

God: "Moses! Moses!"

Someone called out his name. But far and wide no one was to be seen.

God: "Moses!"

Moses: "Yes. Here I am."

God: "Do not come closer. Take off your sandals. For where you are standing is holy ground. I am your God, in whom your father believed."

Moses was shocked. God was there! In the middle of the burning bush. Moses didn’t dare to look any more. He threw his garment across his face and covered it. He clearly heard God’s voice.

God: "I have seen the suffering that Pharaoh is causing my people in Egypt. I have heard their cries for help. Now I’m going to free them and lead them to a very good country. Moses, I need you. You will go to Pharaoh and free my people from slavery."

Moses: "I? Why me? I can’t do that."

Moses had tons of excuses. He just couldn’t imagine that God could use him. But God was very serious about it.

Moses was to free millions of people from slavery.

You and I also have a Deliverer. Did you know that?

Of course, we’re not slaves in Egypt. But there is someone who wants to lead us to sin. The devil. He enslaves people and doesn’t want to let them go free. But Jesus is our strong Deliverer. He won the victory over the devil.

Faith in Jesus can set us free. I wish this for you.

God wants to free us. This is why He sent Jesus to us and Moses to Egypt.

God made Moses strong for this task and gave him the power to do miracles. But the best gift was His promise.

God spoke: "Moses, be not afraid. I will go with you and help you. Your brother will also go with you. He’s already on his way. Get up and get going."

God went with Moses. That was enough.

Would Moses succeed in freeing the Israelites and leading them out of Egypt?

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