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105. The sign on the door 5

In the morning, the moving van stopped in front of the house.

Boy: "Mama, they’re coming."

Mother: "Can you carry your bird cage?"

Boy: "Howie, did you hear – we’re moving! (sound of a bird chirping) Are you glad? I’m already so excited."

And the adults had no end of stress.

How must that have been back then, when not just one family had to move, but a whole nation?

They wanted to leave Egypt for so long and get out from under the slavery there. But Pharaoh didn’t let them go. He made them stay. They had to work so hard. Day and night they cried out to God in their need. God did many miracles, but Pharaoh remained hard-hearted. God repeated His task for Moses.

God: "Moses, go to Pharaoh. Tonight I’m going to go through the land of Egypt, and in every family, the oldest son will die."

In the evening, an Israelite boy watched as his father butchered a lamb.

Joshua: "Papa, why does the lamb have to die?"

Father: "Joshua, so that you can live. God wants it."

The father took some of the blood from the lamb and brushed it on the doorjamb of the house. Left, right, on top.

Father: "The blood is a sign. God will pass over our house tonight, and when He sees the blood He will protect us."

Joshua: "I feel sorry for the lamb, but it will save my life."

Each Israelite family brushed their doorjambs with the blood of a lamb.

Father: "Joshua, come inside now, it’s already dark. Get dressed. We need to be ready."

They ate while standing up. About midnight, they heard loud cries. In every Egyptian house the oldest son died.

Pharaoh: "Leave Egypt as fast as you can. Leave with everything that belongs to you. LEAVE NOW!"

More than a million men, women and children were ready and left Egypt that night.

Joshua lived. His father took him by the hand. The sign on the doorjamb protected them and saved their lives.

God wants to protect. He wants life and not death.

The Lord Jesus hung wounded on the cross, and then He died. His blood was the sign that God wanted to save us from an eternal death. This is why Jesus said: "Whoever believes in Me will live, even if he dies" (John 11:25).

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