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106. The last stop 6

Yield the right of way – One-way-street – Dead end – No parking – Yield the right of way – STOP!

Without traffic signs, our cities would be chaotic. Without guideposts, our country would be a labyrinth.

A great nation wandered through the wilderness. There were no streets and no paths. But there was a guidepost. Hidden in a pillar of cloud, God went before them. He led them out of slavery in Egypt to the promised land.

Who is like God who only leads well?

When the pillar of cloud stopped, then the people could rest. When it moved again, the whole nation moved with it. In the night, it was a pillar of fire and lit up the night brighter than the brightest spotlight.

Who is like God who only leads well?

Israelite: "The cloud stopped moving. We can set up our tents here."

Israelite woman: "Directly on the Red Sea. That’s good."

Child: "Are we allowed to go swimming?"

Israelite: "I, I’m not seeing clearly. Turn around!"

Israelite woman: "That can’t be happening. They’re coming!"

Israelite: "The Egyptians are hunting us down! Now we’re in for it!"

Israelite woman: "Moses, why did you lead us to this terrible desert?"

Moses: "Don’t be afraid! Who is God like our God? He will fight for us."

Suddenly, a great cloud appeared between the Israelites and the Egyptians. On the enemies’ side, it was dark, but on the Israelites’ side, it was light.

Who is like God who can help in such a way? Nothing is impossible with Him!

Moses had a staff from God, and he held it over the Red Sea. (sound of thundering water)

Israelite: "A miracle! Look at that! Right through the middle of the sea is a path."

Israelite woman: "Left and right are walls of water. God did this for us."

Who is like God who can do such miracles?

It’s absolutely true: in the middle of the sea, there was a dry path. All the Israelites walked on this path and reached the other side.

1st Egyptian: "Go after them. The path through the sea is also for us."

2nd Egyptian: "Hey, the wagon wheels are blocked. We’re doomed. God is fighting against us."

These were the last words of the Egyptians. From both sides, the walls of water crashed upon them. The flood covered the whole Egyptian army.

Israelites: "Saved! We’re saved! Our God got victory over our enemies once and for all."

Overjoyed, they sang a song of thanks to God.

People: Narrator, Israelite, Israelite woman, child, Moses, two Egyptians

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