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36. The characteristic of love

How do you recognize an apple tree?

Child: "By the fact that it grows apples."

How do you recognize a cherry tree?

Child: "By the fact that it grows cherries."

And how do you recognize a nut tree?

Child: "By the fact that it grows nuts."

We recognize a tree by its fruit. A good tree bears good fruit; a bad tree bears bad fruit.

And how do you recognize a Christian?

There’s a very important way to identify people who belong to Jesus. Two friends saw this characteristic in the early Christians.

1st friend: "Have you see that Ruth isn’t as quarrelsome as she used to be? Before, she always complained about her neighbour and scolded, but now she’s helpful and even gets the water from the well. I’ve never seen such love for others before."

2nd friend: "And grim-faced Jake is so friendly all of a sudden. He doesn’t curse anymore. He’s been different for a couple of weeks now."

1st friend: "That certainly has to do with that Jesus in whom they believe. You can see by their love for each other that they are Christians."

2nd friend: "Every day they pray. I’m amazed that they have so much time for it. And they even look happy. They’re the best of friends."

1st friend: "And imagine, Joseph even sold his only acre and gave away all the money he got for it. He brought the money to the church leader, who distributed it to the poor."

2nd friend: "Is he crazy?"

1st friend: "Some of them even sold their houses and gave everything to the poor."

2nd friend: "How they stick together. Instead of being greedy, they share with each other."

They had become different. They loved each other - others saw this and were amazed.

The life of the Christians fits with that which God taught in the Bible.

(melody of a song as background music)

The Holy Spirit causes only good to grow in our lives. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Does your life show this kind of fruit?

Belief in Jesus changes you. When someone’s heart is changed, then everyone else can see the signs of it. Can people see these characteristics in you?

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