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35. Meeting place Jerusalem

The people came from everywhere. Many even came from a foreign country. They poured into Jerusalem in order to celebrate Pentecost. Thousands walked through the streets. On that day, the disciples of the Lord Jesus met in a house to pray together. Suddenly they heard the sound of a violent, rushing wind. The people outside also noticed the noise. What could it be?

Something else happened. On the heads of the disciples seemed to be tongues of fire that rested on each one. What did this miracle mean?

This wonderful experience was a gift from Jesus. He gave the Holy Spirit to His disciples. He hadn’t forgotten His friends. Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus is always with His children. He is the Comforter, Counselor and Companion. Through Him God’s children are always connected to Jesus in Heaven.

In front of the house, the people stood amazed.

Men: "What does this mean?"

Overjoyed, the disciples told the crowd about Jesus. Imagine, even the people who came from other countries could understand them. Everyone heard Jesus’ friends talk in their own language. They spoke in languages that they had never learned. Jesus is the One who caused this to happen.

Some made fun:

Scoffer: "Ha, you’re all just drunk – and so early in the day!"

Then Peter spoke up:

Peter: "No, we’re not drunk. God kept His promise and sent us His Holy Spirit."

Courageously, he spoke about Jesus even more, how He died and rose again and now lives in heaven.

Man: "Is that Peter, the one who just recently denied even knowing Jesus?"

Woman: "That’s him. He’s not even a little bit of a coward anymore. He’s totally changed."

Through the Holy Spirit, God made Peter into a courageous witness. And what Peter said spoke to the hearts of the crowd.

Man: "What should we do?"

Woman: "We’ve done so many wrong things."

Peter: "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and God will forgive you and you’ll receive the Holy Spirit."

3000 people did this. They called to Jesus in prayer and were saved. After this Pentecost celebration, the disciples had new joy.

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