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34. The most important question

Speechless, the disciples stood on the Mount and stared into heaven. Just a second ago, Jesus had spoken with them, and all of a sudden He was taken up into heaven in a cloud and disappeared before their very eyes.

Surprisingly, two men in white apparel stood before them.

Angel: "Why are you staring into heaven? This Jesus will come again just as He went into heaven."

Jesus is coming again! Isn’t that a great promise to give at His parting?

Girl: "Is it true that Jesus is coming again?"

Yes. In the Bible He said it Himself: I’m going to prepare a place for you and then I’ll come again to bring you there so that you can always be with Me.

Boy: "When is Jesus coming again?"

When the disciples asked Him this same question, His answer was:

Jesus: "It’s not important for you to know the date. It’s much more important that you don’t forget Me. Believe in Me and wait for Me. Only God the Father knows the time when I’ll come again."

Jesus did say, though, that we could recognize when He would come again. He said that before He returns, there will be wars and earthquakes. When that happens, it won’t be long.

Girl: "And how will Jesus come again?"

Boy: "In the clouds, right?"

You listened well. He’ll come suddenly. No newspaper, no SMS will announce it. But everyone will see Him. Those who forgot Him and lived without Him, who say that there is no Jesus – they’ll be terribly afraid. And those who love Him and are waiting for Him – they’ll be terribly happy and will go with Him to heaven.

Am I on His side? Are you on His side? This is the most important question ever.

God wants everyone to decide for Him and go to heaven because He loves us.

Belief in the Lord Jesus is the guarantee that we’re on His side.

Jesus will come again! I believe that it won’t be much longer.

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