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17. Very courageous 2

The rain pattered down. Wonderful! In just a few days, the gardens, fields and parks had recovered from the drought.

Who sent the rain at the right time? Who keeps everything alive?

In Israel there was a time when almost everyone had forgotten that only one God exists, and He is the one who gives the rain and the sunshine. The people made gods out of wood and stone. One of these gods they named Baal, and they believed that they would receive grain, fruit and many flocks from this dead figure.

The one responsible for this false belief was King Ahab.

It all started when he married the wrong woman. Isabel came from a land where no one knew the true God. She brought her religion, Baal-worship, with her to Israel. King Ahab let himself be convinced to also worship Baal, and the whole nation went along with this.

No, not everyone. Elijah did not. He belonged to those who remained true to God. One day he prayed:

Elijah: "Oh God, please don’t let it rain for three years, so that this whole nation will recognize that You are the only God who can give rain and cause things to grow."

Elijah was convinced that God would show everyone that He alone is God. Quickly, Elijah approached the King’s palace. Without an appointment he walked through the hallway till he reached the throne room, in which King Ahab sat.

Without fear he stood in front of the King and said:

Elijah: "King Ahab, as sure as God lives, in the next three years it will not rain one drop. By this you will know that there is only one living God."

And before Ahab could even say a word, Elijah had disappeared. And then?

You can hear what happens next if you listen to the next drama.

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